We are College-Ready!


P.S. 247 has embarked on a new journey to prepare its elementary school students for college! Our school in collaboration with our corporate partner, Ivy Cohen Corporate Communications, Inc., has developed the P.S. 247 College Partnership Program™ to prepare our students to expect college to be a part of their education continuum beyond elementary school.

Our College Partnership in the News!

NIA at PS 247 Beacon Progam


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In the news

  • P.S. 247 has been named a 2013 National Blue Ribbon School, an honor that only 6 other schools share in New York City. Read about it here!


  • P.S. 247 has been named a National Title I Distinguished School, "one of only 67 in the country to be honored for student achievement in 2012" (Home Reporter News, 2013).

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